LOOK climate change awareness video indeed makes you look. And it also shows that we take climate change topic very seriously – and we talk about it in the way we know best: through the language of animation. LOOK has travelled over 100 countries and festivals, won numerous awards – and is still kicking, still travelling around the world and also being used in schools as educational material to teach youngsters about the impact of pollution! And each time this video is featured in educational or environmental screenings - or even is watched on YouTube - we are happy because we believe that one more time we have raised the awareness of what is happening around us.

LOOK became the sort of our business card - known worldwide, it pictures well what we believe in - we all can make a difference using the tools we can. For us, talking through animation is the most effective way. And the video was not all we did. We went the extra mile and created toys after LOOK characters - so we have plush flamingo, snake and others featured in the animation. We created those toys not just to play - there is an even better reason behind it. We invited everyone to buy these toys and take the liberty to donate all the profits from these sales to animal shelters here in Lithuania. Within our team, that's the social responsibility project the way we understand it.

LOOK climate change awareness video has been showed in various festivals in the United States of America, in the United Kingdom, in Scandinavian countries, in the Baltics and even in Korea! If you like this video and want to have it featured in your event - feel free to get in touch with us! Also, we are encouraging sharing of this video - more people get the message, the better!




Toys: http://look-short.com/shop