ANIMATION DEDICATED TO THE 250TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE MUSEUM BUILDING AND THE 100TH ANNIVERSARY OF MLIM ACTIVITIES. In 1774, a wealthy townsman and head of the royal bank, Johannes Christian Witte, built a residential house in the old town of Klaipėda, following the fashion of the time. Now, counting 250 years as the oldest building in the city, after various historical twists and turns, it finally housed the Museum of the History of Little Lithuania. This year, having started its activities in 1924, it celebrates its 100th anniversary. History creates history. How many of them there have been, and how many more there will be. Experience some of these stories in an animated film dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the museum building and the 100th anniversary of MLIM activities. We take pride in bringing all of this to life through animation. Animation has the power to reveal even the most unexpected things.


P.S. Even a House Can Talk in Animation.