ALYTUS promo video

When thinking about a promo video for a city, one probably thinks about slow drone footage drifting into the sunset, some landscape shots and close-ups of smiling people… Well, some cities don’t go with the flow and wins the day. See it for yourself and don’t tell us that you’re not interested in visiting Alytus now. This video had a wider reach and a much higher number of views than expected as well as very positive feedback on various platforms where it was shown. And that made us prove it to ourselves once again – thinking outside the box does its magic! The visual concept for this promotional video was developed with the newly created city logo in mind. The modern colour palette, exceptional characters and catchy storyline – all the elements work together to create this attention-grabbing video. We aimed to keep the same style and follow its identity. Alytus is different. Alytus is vibrant and modern. Alytus has a perfect balance of active city and refreshing retreat. And this city can surprise you – just as it does with the visual identity it chose for its representation. This project is also our way of proving one more time, that there are no stories which can't be told through our favourite language – animation. It doesn’t matter whether it is a video about a town or social issues. What matters, that every story – and everyone's story – is different, and animation allows us to celebrate those differences. So with the trust of Alytus, we were able to reimagine its unique identity in a form of animation. And we are very proud to have this promotional video for Alytus in our portfolio.