We were given the total freedom to create the promotional video for Vilnius Gastro Zero food festival, focusing on reducing food waste and teaching new perception towards food. In this case, we could bring colours and even flavours to our animation, and we also made what’s only possible in a cartoon – we brought the food products to life! Together with bright colours and matching soundtrack, the human-like food products made the video more dynamic and helped to create the mood we wanted to.

The freedom to create this video made it a really pleasant experience: there were no notions on how it should look like, so we could share all our experience and know-how to develop an animation that both catches the eye and allows us to deliver the message. We created distinctive characters which brought a light-hearted feeling into the animation. It was also important to us to show, that this event is accessible to everyone – it's not a fancy gastro fest where you try expensive imported goods, but rather an important exercise for both foodies and restaurants on how to reduce food waste, be more creative and aware in cooking and appreciate what we have.

By the way, our team also took part in the festival – hands down, we are against food waste and we hope for more events like this in the future! Stay tuned!